Creating videos with the iPhone 4 & iMovie


I recently returned from a trip to Walt Disney World, where I had a chance to play around with my iPhone 4 and iMovie for the iPhone, and I’m really enthusiatic about the potential this thing has for shooting, editing and publishing video.

My daughter and I took a ride on (in?) a helium-filled balloon in the Downtown Disney area, and I decided to produce a short video. Using the iPhone, I had the 2:35 piece uploaded to YouTube within two hours of our returning to terra firma!

The image quality is amazingly good, and although iMovie doesn’t offer a lot of options, you can trim clips, add transitions and titles, and even add music and narration, all in 720p.

The biggest challenge of shooting with the iPhone is that it’s nearly impossible to hold it really steady.

Here are two videos that I produced and uploaded on this amazing gizmo: