Working against the clock, sort of.


I have an episode of “Mouse Flicks” due to that I’m trying to complete before Irene hits. I’m not that worried about the hurricane, but we tend to lose our electricity in a light mist.


Our next trip to Walt Disney World is in October – video trip report to follow


During our next trip to The Mouse I’m going to try to produce a brief video segment everyday – shot, edited and uploaded on with my iPhone and posted on Mouseplanet’s “Trip Reports From Florida” forum.

I did a couple of iPhone videos during our March trip, and was fairly happy with the results-the biggest challenge is holding the phone steady.

Of course, it won’t eliminate the need for me to bring my regular camcorder to shoot footage fo Mouse Flicks.

Adobe Premiere Pro versus Final Cut Pro continued


One of the things I didn’t like about Premiere is that although you can copy and paste a clip’s attributes, you CANNOT select which ones you want to paste – it’s all or nothing. However, you can save a group of effects as a preset, which more or less accomplishes the same thing, and has the potential to save me a lot of time over the long haul.

One by one, each thing that I thought FCP has over Premiere dissolves away as I learn more about it.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 vs. Final Cut update, Part 1


Now that I’ve done all of the updates to my Adobe suite, Premiere Pro is a lot more stable. Here’s what I really like so far:

  • It’s fast. I hardly ever need to render, I can just keep working. And when I do render it’s quicker than Final Cut 6.0.
  • It feels more up-to-date. I can’t quite put my finger on it, the user interface seems more streamlined.
  • Nesting works much better in Premiere than it does in FCP 6.
  • It’s much easier and faster to resize windows and just generally move things around.
  • Output is faster, and you can do just about everything directly from Premiere – no need to use an app like Compressor (which is horrible anyway.)

More to come.