From the vault: the first ‘Mouse Flicks’ Halloween special


I examine the legend of Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion Wedding Ring. With apologies to Alfred Hitchcock.

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Why I’ve finally migrated to Final Cut Pro X, and wish I had sooner


I’ve been using Final Cut Pro X for a few months now and have migrated all of my projects (professional and personal) over to this little wonder of an editing app.

It’s crazy good.

I should have moved over a year ago, but I listened to other whiny-baby editors who seem to be obsessed with what’s missing from FCP X (as opposed to FCP 7). Most of what’s missing is missing because YOU DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE.

What I like the most about FCP X is that it’s the only NLE that even tries to make it easy to make changes in the timeline. The timeline is where an editor does most of his/her work, and it’s absurd how difficult it is to do something as simple as moving scenes around with all of the other NLEs that I’ve used.

The concepts of connected clips and the magnetic timeline have changed my life.

I’m a one-man band, and do all my own effects, keying, and compositing, and I can literally work twice as fast in X as in Avid, Adobe Premiere (which for some reason I could never get quite comfortable with), and FCP 6 (I never upgraded to 7).

And it’s only 300 bucks …seriously?