Throwback Thursday: Wild Mouse. Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ


From 2007. This is the Wild Mouse at the tip of the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights. Yep, this is the same coaster that ended up standing in the Atlantic Ocean after Sandy.

Roller Coaster SH 0607


Stewart’s Drive-In, Matawan, NJ


In 2008, I made this short documentary on Stewart’s Drive-in in Matawan, NJ.

Stewart’s is a local landmark, and about a year after I made this, it closed, but only briefly. It was purchased and the new owner built a fence around the tables in front of the building, but other than that it’s pretty much unchanged.

Photos of exterior work on the Asbury Park Casino roundhouse


This past week I saw that some work was being done on the exterior of the former carousel building. It appeared as if workers were repairing or reglazing one of the medallions above the entrances.

The roundhouse is occasionally used for public events such as art fairs, so I suppose the city needs to perform at least minimal maintenance on the building. I don’t want to get my hopes up that this means anything more that that.


This is how the interior looks today. You can still see the wheel marks from the carousel.



Photos of the Asbury Park Casino carousel house – then and now


Recently it’s been reported that the historic carousel at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ is going on the auction block. It’s not yet known if it will be sold whole, or in pieces.

This is one of the last few wooden carousels that is still accessible to the public, and it includes figures carved by famed craftsmen William Dentzel, Charles Looff, Charles Carmel and Marcus Illions.

It has been suggested that a certain famous New Jersey rock star purchase the carousel and donate it to the city of Asbury Park to be installed in the Casino carousel roundhouse. I suppose this could happen, but I wonder if there would be funds to finish the restoration of the building and maintain the ride.

Here’s a photo of the roundhouse that I took in the late ’70s:

roundhouse exterior hres


Here’s a photo of the interior as it looks today. A developer began the restoration about eight years ago, but nothing has happened in there for the past few years:

Casino interior 7-2014

Riverton Independence Day Parade 2014


Nestled next to the Delaware River, the town of Riverton, NJ certainly takes Its Independence Day seriously! There’s a parade in the morning, soap box races and raft races in the afternoon, and in-between everyone seems to be in everyone else’s backyard at the same time!

My cousin’s family lives in Riverton, and she was kind enough to invite my wife and I to enjoy the day with them. We really had a great time.

Here are some highlights of the parade: