Update on the Spook House at Keansburg Amusement Park


A few weeks ago we were at Keansburg Amusement Park to check on the status of the Spook House. Unfortunately it is gone for good, and a restaurant is going in its spot.

Spook House Now Heidelburg Inn Sign Heidelburg Inn Construction

However, right across the midway is a new addition, the Haunted Manor. This is a walk-through with its own history. It was the sole-surviving attraction at the eastern tip of the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, sitting adjacent to the roller coaster that ended up in the ocean.

Haunted Manor

The owners dismantled the fun house and reassembled it in Keansburg. I guess the Gelhous family, which owns the park, decided that the combination of the new funhouse and a new restaurant was the best thing for the future of the park.