The White Dotte Dairy Bar & Grill


The White Dotte Dairy Bar & Grill in Vincentown, NJ serves food, ice cream, and auto electronics! Everyone on the staff wears a tee shirt with her nickname on the back. Our waitress was “Boss Chrissy.” And yes, the burgers were terrific.





Seasides Heights 2015 (with video)


We visited the Seaside Heights boardwalk a few weeks ago and while it isn’t quite back to its old tawdry pre-Sandy self (and probably never will be for a number of reasons,) It’s once again a great boardwalk with lots of reasons to go there. Lucky Leo’s arcade is going strong. There are plenty of food vendors such as Three Brothers Pizza (home of the largest pizza I’ve ever personally seen) and the Midway Steak House.

The Casino Pier has been rebuilt and there are a number of rides sitting on it. It doesn’t seem to have the crowded carnival feel it once did, but then again we were there during the day and the pier wasn’t even open yet.

I didn’t see any major reconstruction of the Funtown Pier at the south end. Developers and city officials are still working out the details of how that end of the boardwalk will be redeveloped. Here’s an article from the Asbury Park Press.

Here’s a 45-second video of what I saw.