We are losing a future historical resource


No one makes home movies anymore. Sure, everyone shoots lots of video on their phones (which are usually turned the wrong way,) but what happens to that video? Will it be around 50 years from now? 20?

Those shoeboxes full of Kodacolor prints and 50′ reels of 8mm and Super 8 home movies aren’t going to be there for the future Ken Burns to discover in attics. Nowadays, when the phone (or the personal cloud storage) gets full, I’m afraid that most of the photos and video get dumped, or at best, copied to a hard drive, which at some point will fail, or be discarded.

I realize that cloud storage is becoming more plentiful and available everyday, and that someday there will be an automatic, seamless process for photos and video to be archived and made available for future generations, but right now we are in a technology gap, and I fear that the records of our lives are being lost.

Note to my family and yet-to-be-born descendents: All of my video footage, whether or not it makes it into one of my edited home movies (which are burned onto blu-ray disks,) are stored on memory cards and are in the left top drawer of my desk.

I never, ever reuse memory cards.

If you shoot video with your smartphone, PLEASE don’t hold it vertically. Our eyes are arranged horizontally for a reason.